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About Us | On-Site Corporate Chair Massage

On-Site Corporate Massage is revolutionizing the corporate wellness industry in Utah. You are able to have traditional massage in an office-appropriate, customized on-site massage therapy program that saves time, money and backs. You and your employees will love where you work! Learn more about us and our founder, Tanya Henderson, below.

Tanya has been a licensed massage therapist and proud owner of her practice for over 30 years and counting. Her love for entrepreneurship and freeing people from pain and injury she saw there was a large unmet need and a very high demand in the corporate world for her services. But because she can only do so many massages a day she decided to leverage herself and start the company On-Site Corporate Massage.

Founded in 2012, On-Site Corporate Massage has been catering to the needs of victims from car accidents, athletic injuries, high stress clients, and those suffering from chronic pain at an affordable price. Every company raves about our services and always looks forward to “massage day.”

Give us a call at 801-688-1023 and schedule an appointment today so you can find out for yourself why On-Site Corporate Massage is taking corporate massages to a whole new standard!

​Why have so many companies turned to On-Site Massage?

You will get to know us for our exceptional therapists, attention to detail, fair pricing structure, streamlined procedures, and the absolute highest standards. On-Site massage programs help every industry, from high tech to manufacturing – including insurance, government, medical, and finance, to name a few.​