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5 Things Your Massage Therapist Sees

What the corporate chair massage in utah can see.There are many things that your massage therapist can see that maybe you aren’t even aware of. We can decode almost everything about the health of your body while we perform the massage. Here are 5 things that we can see:

  1. If You are Stressed

    If you’re a little more chatty than normal or are having a hard time focusing on relaxing, this is a good indication that you are uptight and are dealing with unhealthy levels of stress. Stress will make your body respond to a massage differently. Not all massage therapists believe that your body releases toxins during a massage, but those that do believe that sweating or bad breath is a good sign that it is the first time in a long time that you are able to relax. Give those employees of your a break from the stress and call us for one of the best chair massages in Utah County.

  2. You Work at a Computer

    If you have a forward roll of the shoulders and your back is strained we can tell that you work full-time at a computer. Looking at the monitor all day and remaining fairly still for hours is not the greatest on your back. There are some exercises that may help with this. Tenser your shoulders up around your ears, squeeze for five to ten seconds, then drop and let gravity pull down your shoulders. You could also rotate your body in your chair like you are driving a car in reverse, hold it for ten seconds. This will make a big difference.

  3. You Cross Your Legs Often

    Believe it or not crossing your legs is not good for you. Even if it is just a little and you only cross your legs at the heels. You put a lot of pressure on your hip flexors when you do this. Doing this will make the glue muscles shoot pain up to the lower back or down to the hamstrings and quads. It is all connected. Crossing your legs can also cause an unnatural bend in your pelvic area which prevents correct circulation. Keep away from crossing your legs!

  4. You Are Dehydrated

    We can tell right away if you haven’t been drinking enough water. Trigger points in the upper back will be more tender when you are dehydrated. Getting enough water is so important for your body, especially during those times in the office when you are busy. Your body can’t afford to not get the hydration it needs.

  5. You’re a “Textaholic”

    Do you text a lot? We can tell. If we rub your shoulders and you tell us it hurts or it’s tight, we can tell you’ve perhaps been texting a little too much. When we look at our phone our head is in that downward position and it’s easy to forget that we may be doing this for long periods at a time. Be sure to look up and stretch every so often. If you don’t that prolonged posture will cost you dysfunction and imbalance in the shoulders.

Do any of these sound like something you and your employees are going through? You should call On-Site Massage, the chair massage therapist of Utah. We understand that it’s important to make sure each person is feeling their best. When they are feeling their best they are putting their best efforts forward. We can help your company flourish. Let our corporate chair massage in Utah be the answer that you have been looking for to reward and show appreciation to yourself and those hard working employees. Call On-Site Massage today.

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