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Need more compelling reasons to bring your office the company benefit that employees actually want?

1. Physical health

One of the most important benefits of chair massage is how it makes your body feel. Desk warriors hunched over their screens all day can face serious and chronic neck and back pain, and muscle soreness, not to mention arm, wrist and hand issues (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) from repetitive strain. Having a massage at work helps to work out those kinks and relieve built-up muscle tension in the body

Chair massage also has lasting physical effects that help boost wellness long after your time in the chair is over. Massage is often used as a stress management technique to reduce tension headaches and treat (and even prevent) chronic migraines. A single 15-minute chair massage can promote increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and a strengthened immune system—benefits that you’ll experience for days or even weeks after your treatment.

2. Mental wellness

Workplace massage is a great way to fight the stress and anxiety that builds up at your desk, without knocking yourself out of the game. And stepping away from the to-do list to sink into a massage chair mid-day is so much more than just a physical treat. Some of the mental and emotional benefits of chair massage include:

  • reduced stress
  • decreased anxiety
  • improved overall mood
  • increased alertness and energy
  • massage can soothe nerves,  in just a few minutes.

The stress-relieving benefits of chair massage can help the workplace because supplying a mid-day massage is good for teams at every level.  Showing employees that they are valued and respected promotes an atmosphere of teamwork, trust, and loyalty in the workplace.

3. Relaxation

We’re stressed so often from a day at work or so caught up in an ongoing project that winding down at bedtime feels more like an impossible task on the to-do list than an end-of-day relief.  Improve sleep is a very happy side effect of chair massage.

4. Chair massage that works with your office schedule

Organizing office events and scheduling company-wide outings can be complicated, but corporate massage doesn’t have to be a headache. Chair office massages make well-being, rest and relaxation a priority for your team without interrupting the flow of your workplace. You get to choose the time, place, and length of the massage. For last-minute company events, you can even arrange for an onsite chair massage event with sometimes as little as 24 hours’ notice.

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