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How to unlock productivity in your workplace with chair massage.

Welcome to 2019! What is on your “to do” list for this year? Could corporate chair massage be on that list? Now is the time to consider a corporate wellness program that gives back to you and your co-workers in your office. 

It’s early in the week and the to-do list growing. The weather is cold and the coffee is hot as we settle into the New Year and growing list of priorities and projects.

Sound familiar? This growing list is typically of a rather high frequency during the darker days of winter. The holidays are over as the tree and lights are taken down and packed away until they twinkle again later this year.

Offering a turn-key program allows for minimal stress with maximum results.  onsite massage therapists are licensed, certified and insured with an average of 7+ years of chair massage therapy.

Our therapists are professional in dress and in manner. With all supplies (the massage chair, lotion, music and face covers) handy, we are ready to create a serene atmosphere to allow for relaxation and minimal noise and conversation!

As you know, there are many benefits to having chair massages in your workplace. Employees typically list these associated benefits of on-site chair massage.

·   Improved accuracy in work projects

·   Improved sleep and relaxation

·   Reduced stress-induced illness(es)

·   Lowered anxiety

·   Decreased stress

As an employer, I would welcome reviews such as this one as it confirms the value of wellness in the work environment. As an employer, wouldn’t you like the same?

Pleasant Surprise
“A friend encouraged me to give this a try and now I’m wondering why I waited so long! My therapist did great work. She knows how to find those knots and work them out. She may have found a new regular customer here.”

How can YOUR office allow for such a great program with on-site chair massage? A simple call to me, Tanya Henderson, CEO of On-Site Massage, can start the process for a turn-key wellness program.

Unlock the productivity in your workplace with onsite chair massage

I’ve been working in and managing chair massage for the past 29 years. In that time, my massage therapists and I have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people relax and experience pain relief, learn about their own bodies and how to better care for their muscles. Selfishly, I myself have also received chair massages. I love helping the people we work on becoming more aware of there bodies and where they hold and carry there stress and tension and give a recommendation of stretches and good posture positions. Especially in the high tech, computer desk job industry. shoulders, necks, and backs are sitting for hours in bad posture positions.

Since I am such a big fan of chair massage myself, I thought I’d list a few reasons why you might want to check a chair out massage for yourself. More and more, workplaces are bringing in companies like On-Site massage to their employees. It’s a great motivator, boosts productivity and sure beats sending your people out to the doctor for a muscle spasm that might have been prevented if they had regular massage.

• Is fast and easy-no need to take off your clothes or get oil on you!

• Can release muscle tension in your neck and shoulders, upper and lower back. Sitting in a massage chair angles your upper body in a way that is optimal for the massage therapist to address your neck and shoulder without a massage table in the way.

• Tends to cost less than table massage. I can buy 3 20-minute chair massages a month for the same price as one 1-hour table massage. So I get more attention to the areas that are sore more often.

• Allows you to sample a massage therapist’s work without a big time or money commitment.

• Provide work for massage therapists and chance to meet new clients.

• Can help relieve headache pain causes by tight muscles.

• Can help reduce muscle pain causes by overuse or repetitive motion activities (ahem, computer users work their upper backs and neck muscles all day).

• And lastly, it just feels good! I always feel better after a chair massage. The world seems brighter, my mode is lighter and I feel refreshed and relaxed and ready to face the next round of emailing and smart phoning!


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